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Diagnosis of competitiveness and attractiveness of the company´s activity

How to always stay ahead of your competitors with an attractive product in the market? 

Diagnosis evaluation of the management of the different corporate areas

Are there any useful tools to identify and solve the problems of managing the different areas of a company?

Diagnosis of the current situation of the company in the market and its environment

How to achieve a successful strategy for your company and to be ready for the future market demands and its environment?

Diagnosis of the potencial for internalisation of the company


Comerciando Global

Who we are

Comerciando Global is a consulting firm located in Madrid, specialised in providing consultancy services in different management areas, with high expertise regarding advice on international trade negotiation and international strategic planning.

Founded in 2001, Comerciando Global was set up with the development of the concept of “Xportplus.com”, an innovative B2B platform developed under the V R + D + i FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME of the European Union by a consortium of 13 private and institutional partners from 8 different European countries, having obtained EU funding of 1.7 million €. All intellectual property and exploitation rights of the platform belong to Comerciando Global.

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Strategic management consulting

Objective: To provide professional services in strategy, development and implementation of new processes to improve its efficiency and streamline business management. Methodology of efficiency and effectiveness to improve the development of business projects, internally and externally. 

Design and implementation of internationalisation and growth strategies up to the desired levels, through outsourcing, representing the department of foreign trade

Comerciando Global develops internationalization strategies for medium and large companies, in accordance with their specific needs, covering most of their needs and goals. 

Development of institutional marketing and regulatory affairs

Quite often, different obstacles and barriers in the field of international trade, lack legal foundation and represent an abuse of applicable international legislation, an ill implementation of European law or a misuse of no mandatory standards.

Digital marketing and web design

We help you define the suitable platforms to interact with your consumers. We develop all types of platforms and web pages of different sizes, tailored and customized. All our designs and developments are implemented, thinking in the customer’s needs and requirements and taking account of maximizing their positioning and visibility in search engines.


for SMEs

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  1. Feasibility study on exports or internationalization processes
  2. Market research by country
  3. Direct marketing strategy
  4. Search strategy of suppliers
  5. Consortia set up strategy
  6. Partner search strategy
  7. Internationalization start up strategy
  8. Export manager strategy
  9. Outsourcing of the export department
  10. International franchise strategy
The internationalisation of your e-commerce business

The internationalisation of your e-commerce business

In a foreign market there are certain factors that must be taken into account to optimise the relationship with the client, such as: study consumer expectations adapt the business strategy to the destination country launch local logistics solutions, break the language...

A resumption of trade is expected in 2018:

The OMC expects the world trade to continue to rise at the end of 2017; but the great uncertainty about the short-term political-economic evolution results in a certain risk in the forecast, placing the growth in a range of 1.8% to 3.6%. While for 2018,...

The customs debt

The customs debt (tariff, VAT and other encumbrances) is the debt determined by the value of the merchandise and its tariff classification at the time of customs clearance. This determines whether the import or export is subject to import duties or, concerning,...

Secure a stronger sustained customer loyalty through an App that can include all services, offers, promotions, etc. that your company offers them. Fully integrable with your website (Prestashop, Wordpress o Magento).

Now you can build mobile applications in just 3 simple steps. Easy, intuitive and adaptable to any type of business.

All you need is to create an account, select your sector and start placing the features you want. You can edit the design and view it in real time.

Advantages: multiplatform, real-time updates, support and training by our team.

We have a large number of functionalities, in order to adapt them to the demands of your business and to give your customers the support and attention they need.

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