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Who we are

Comerciando Global is a consulting firm located in Madrid, specialized in providing consultancy services in various business management areas, with expertise in international strategic planning.

Comerciando Global, founded in  2001 with the development of the concept and business strategy of the “Xportplus” project, an innovative B2B platform developed under the V R + D + i FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME of the European Union by a consortium of 13 private and institutional partners from 8 different European countries. The project obtained 1.7 million € EU funding. All intellectual property and exploitation rights of the platform belong to Comerciando Global.

The platform (prototype level) has content in 7 languages. It provides SMEs with tools, which are often only available to multinationals, to compete internationally by performing a variety of foreign trade operations. This includes document management and the design of e­-government proposals for several administrations.

The project received several awards in Spain, such as, the best entrepreneurial project of the year from the Foundation RTVE / INEM and INCYDE. We were also a finalist and winner of the NETI and CREARA awards from IE and lESE, respectively, for the best business plan. In addition, a finalist position for the Academic Entrepreneurs award from the Everis Foundation.

For several years Comerciando Global oversaw the international strategy of the Quality Pascual Group. We designed a winning strategy to modify the European legislation of fermented milks, dismantling technical barriers to enable trade at the global level. Skillful negotiations at various levels with consumer associations, Ministries of different Member States, governmental entities, such as, the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Codex Alimentarius or the European Commission, as well as, with the main European dairy and food producers, enabled the success.

At present Comerciando Global brings together companies and professionals, and has extended its activity to different areas of strategic consultancy, in order to respond to companies with a special emphasis on internationalization and public affairs development that require a strategic and innovative vision to achieve growth or greater cost efficiency. Comerciando Global has been one of the first consultants to bring Spanish companies to Azerbaijan, seeking new markets and business opportunities. From the international strategy of a museum, franchise business and events, architecture firms, software companies, engineering, construction, pharmaceutical to business schools, Comercinado Global analyzes and coordinates the needs from a global perspective. We follow a multidisciplinary approach, capable of ensuring the successful implementation of expansion plans with vision. Faithful to our digital and innovation origins, Comercinado Global participates actively in its own research projects,together with other companies, offering various e-business solutions, some of which can be purchased from this site.


Comerciando Global seeks to develop and implement strategies that enable the international expansion of its clients, making them more competitive and providing them with value added benefits. Comerciando Global aims to improve the business performance, to build long-term win-win relations and to focus on an optimal implementation and achievement of its clients objectives.

Our value comes from the ability to combine knowledge, skills and tools with our experience in the international development sector. The long-term relationships established with our clients allow us to understand the needs of the sector, the development that is sought and adapt the approach to the particular issues to be addressed.

Comerciando Global provides a working model that offers talent from its network of reputable independent consultants or through the global management consulting team, able to offer expertise at competitive prices.

Comerciando Global objectives:

  1. Introduce companies to new markets of interest
  2. Increase revenues in existing markets
  3. Improve performance in operations
  4. Offer customers efficient products and services.


Comerciando Global has a staff of professionals specialized in foreign markets and foreign trade, trained in leading business schools. Additionally, we have agreements with first level collaborators in the countries where we work, who have local and international experience. They are specialists in the management of international projects and share the ability to work in different specialization sectors in each international market, depending on the country and the sector.


Mirian Izquierdo

Founder and CEO of Comerciando Global

Mirian began her professional career in International law firms, in which she was a member of three of the largest in the world: White&Case, Baker&Mackenzie y Gomez-Acebo&Pombo, specializing in international contracting and European affairs. Until year 2000 she served as civil servant at the European Commission, where she performed various functions from managing an international network of business consultants specialised in I+D+i, to being a member of the cabinet of commissioner Marcelino Oreja and drafting policies in favor of SMEs.

As cabinet member she was responsible for economic policy, agriculture, R&D and industrial policy. At the General Directorate of Industry she was responsible for concerted actions between the EC and the relevant Ministries responsables of SMEs policies in the Member States. Mirian was involved in the drafting of legislative initiatives such as the “One-stop shop” for helping EU business to solve business environmental problems while seting up and growing; the recommendation against late payments, the succession of companies or the BEST initiative for the improvement of the business environment.
Economy lawyer and masters degree in Community Law by the University of Deusto, Magiser Iuris Europeis by the University del Sarre, MBA by the Vrije University von Brussels (VUB) and Master in communication and TV production by El Mundo Tv/TRACOR, Executive program on general management, PDG at IESE. Mirian has a vast international experience in European law and business management, focusing in particular on issues of regulatory affairs of the UE, International Trade, R&D and business related policies.
This extensive training has recently been completed in the United States with specific courses on boards of Directors at Harvard Business School and on Negotiation with the Karras group. Additionally she holds a masters degree in Digital business management by the University of La Salle, and in Social media by the University of Alcalá de Henares. Mirian’s most recent endeavour is the preparation of her PHd at the German University of Witten-Höerdecke.

Juan Arrese Romero-Rato

Comerciando global partner

Juan began his career in the Bank of Spain, then he joined the Court of Auditors at the National University of Distance Education (UNED), Avalmadrid S.G. R and the company Capital risk C.M.S., where he was an inspection technician of credit institutions, Auditor-Controller of the public sector, general manager and advisor of financial institutions, specialized in financial-mercantile matters, audits, management control, financing and internationalization of SMEs.

From 1999 to 2010, he worked in the public service in the Ministry of Economy and Finance in several agencies depending on him, where he had various functions, from managing the group of companies involved and responsible for innovation programs to financial cluster and financing companies and business associations.

He is the secretary of several boards of Directors and advisor of non-profit institutions such as Corporación APMIB S.L. U (Envera/Iberia) and corporate Social responsibility projects.

Lawyer, internal auditor, strategic consultant, civil Mediator, with extensive experience in providing professional services for companies with different business models generating value proposals.


Expert in business plans, strategic plans, viability, financial restructurings, equipment management and sales notebooks.

Internationalization and international implementation plans. Market and competition studies, with socioeconomic indicators, trends, scorecards and management indicators. Specialist in the use and application of Canvas method to the business model for generating value proposals.

He is currently a member of the advisory board of the Manager Business Forum, vocal of the Steering committee of the Spanish Confederation of Reciprocal Guarantee Societies and of the Steering Committee of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain, partner of the alternative market Stock Exchange (MAB), member of the Permanent Commission of the Salvador de Madariaga Foundation and the editorial board of the economic Panorama magazine.



  1. We listen to the needs and requirements of the company’s management and internal staff, analyzing dysfunctions and involving the different levels and departments in the strategy to be implemented.
  2. We study the processes and how to manage them and confront them with competitive market and sector operations.
  3. We design, together with the management of the company, a customized project based on the objectives and test it in the market.
  4. We manage the implementation, contrasting the cost of local suppliers and sourcing the best alternatives for the correct implementation of the company’s plan.
  5. We look for the ideal partners and contacts required for a successful implementation of the strategy.
  6. We track the measures established in the plan and propose the relevant adjustments in the medium­ and long-term. Our goal is always the satisfaction of a job well-done. Therefore, we accompany our clients through job completion.