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Comerciando Global strategies of internationalization develops turnkey projects for medium and large enterprises, in accordance with their specific needs and may cover most of your needs and objectives.

1. The Design of an international expansion strategy in different phases:

Before: Identification of strengths and weaknesses of the company, the environment, the market, competition, product and market selection suitable in accordance with its position in the market and an audit positioning, involving the relevant human resources and evaluating the costs and economic needs.

During: Design and implementation of the strategic plan appropriate to the needs of each company according to the results obtained in the previous audit.


Possibility of different levels of action: from accompanying the enterprise though every stage, to the direct representation of the company during the period of implementation of the designed plan, either technological (technology transfer and business know-how) or industrial (agreements production, manufacturing licenses or identification of contractors) or commercial: selections of agents and distributors, representation at trade fairs, business meetings and conventions abroad, and finding a partner.

Ex post: Verification of the actions implemented the strategic plan and take the necessary corrections in terms of fulfillment of objectives.

2. Studies, market research and propective analysis of emerging markets

The research undertaken according to client’s needs, aim to provide the necessary information to the company management to assess the relevance, feasibility and need for resources to cover foreign markets that enable growth, restructuring or costs saving.

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Along with the analysis and segmentation of the potential market and the business opportunities it offers, we analyze the general framework of investment in each country, including political stability, economic and labor laws, taxation, intellectual property, barriers to trade or to imports … as well as local aid for investments, both generic and sector specific.

3. Design and project management programs in the in the EU and multilateral financial institutions

The multilateral and bilateral financial institutions dedicated to international finance and development, in their terminology IFDI, – mainly multilateral development banks and regional and other international organizations- are large international consulting contractors of all kinds.

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Only the World Bank Group, the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Union generated a turnover of 45,000 million euros in 2010. For this reason it is considered an excellent mechanism for the internationalization of service companies wishing to explore certain markets before deciding to accomplish investment projects in emerging markets.

Comerciando Global advises clients regarding:

  • Planning and managing the preparation of the proposal: trips to the country or region, collection of information, drafting and revising it.
  • Finding partners and joint consortia: leader, consortium members and subcontractors.
  • Lobby and monitoring the expression of interest with task managers, institutions intermediate and local institutions.

A deep experience in European Union policies, allows Comerciando Global to identify programs in the areas of interest for the company, participation in competitions or tenders as well as in the design of winning proposals and project management, including those relating to Horizon2020.

4. Legal advice on international contracting:

We advise the company on their international contracts, in relation to decision making processes, negotiation tactics, ways to formalize the agreements, arguing for proposals, drafting of tenders, proposals and decisions in order to achieve the best possible outcomes in a multilateral and multicultural environment.

5. Advice on foreign trade:

Professional relationships between companies from different countries are necessarily affected by legal, cultural, social and economic differences. A lack of harmonized regulations, country specific standards and international law, should be taken into account when establishing a business relationship with a foreign company. Depending on how you manage customs procedures, payment methods, terms of international sales and logistics, the results of foreign trade operations can be satisfactory, good, bad or indifferent.

Comerciando Global can assist you throughout the process.


Packages for SMEs

  1. Feasibility study of the export activity or the internationalization process
  2. Market Research Services by country
  3. Strategy Service direct insight into a market
  4. Identification of service providers
  5. Establishment of consortia
  6. Local partner search
  7. Initiation strategy in the internationalization
  8. Strategy Service export manager at a third market
  9. Outsourcing of the international department of your company
  10.  International Franchise Strategy


See services

1. Advice on foreign trade.

International strategy and negotiations.

Export procedures.

International logistics.

Payment terms in each market.

Grant management and information, aid and official programs to export: travel, affiliates, media promotion, etc.

Drafting of distribution and agency contracts.

VAT refund.

Translations of documentation.

Interpreters for travel.

2. Advice on international events and fairs.

Comprehensive management in the participation in fairs and business opportunities, partners identification and completion of all tasks for the organization of fairs and trade promotion events

3. Search and selection of international trade agents.

The selection of the external sales team intended to sell the products or services of our clients, plays a decisive factor in its commercial success. Thus Comerciando Global has developed a selection methodology with proven success based on:

An adequate definition of the profile, which it is carried out jointly with our customers

A wide search for suitable candidates and filtered selection from a list

Advice and support at all times in negotiations with candidates

4. Consulting international presence in foreign markets.

Our internationalisation team works with local partners in the chosen destination as target of local implementation in order to provide value added services to your company:

Local market analysis

Identification of business, technological financial partners

Business creation in destination, joint venture or franchises

Search of key profiles in the target market

5. Training in internationalization.

We provide seminars specialized in the whole internationalisation process, as well as regarding more specific topics, such as those related to international trading on specific countries, payment methods, how to select agents and distributors…

Information about foreign markets. Selection of export target markets based on the characteristics of the company and the product. Conducting market research as well as of the competition.

6. Outsourcing of the foreign trade department.

For companies that are new in the sector or with a limited ability to operate in certain markets, we perform all foreign trade tasks in the name of our customers, carrying out all the necessary paperwork, as if we were the foreign trade department of the company.

Services to public entities:

1. Internationalization consulting to public entities and official bodies.

Made available for public entities advice and training in foreign trade management, market research and partner and international actors search to develop the industrial network of the region or the identification of opportunities for local development.

2. Advising foreign international trade missions and identification of partners in foreign administrations

Making available our lobby and database ability to identify negotiators and partners of added value for local and regional corporations.