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For us an enterprise of not so long creation with intention of expanding to other markets, it has been very important to be able to count on the consulting work of Comerciando global, that has help us to take the initiative to travel to the country where we would like to expand our business. Often when we, entrepreneurs think about opening business in other country, we tend to consider only the positive aspects of doing it. To count on a previous consultancy study, that makes an objective valuation of the costs and conditions of the expansion, enables you to consider a change of your initial ideas for being inefficient or be economically not viable.

In our case the possibility of have been able to go to the United States with a detailed guide on the procedures, licenses, advantages or disadvantages and knowing the competition, has helped us a lot to save a lot of time and resources. In addition to that it has helped us to better understand the market in which we were seeking to establish and modify the strategy to center our resources in what is is really important. From our perspective, to count on information and assessment of quality, as the one provided by Comerciando Global, is a compulsory requisite for businesses that want to avoid taking incorrect decisions, sometimes too costly for the firm.

Prof. Dr. Morten Huse

Universidad Witten-Hoerdecke, Bl Business school, Chair of Board/Beirat Gottingen Diversity Research Institute

I contacted Mirian to get introduced to major business actors in Spain in particular related to boards of Directors and value creating boards, looking after researching into the Spanish situation.

Mirian’s ability to involve key persons and her strategic vision turned it into a real insight into the Spanish Boards situation. She designed a good strategy, which ended up in an interesting common research for which she contacted such relevant key persons that have coincided with many of the Professors of the course for Directors that ESADE is now offering future Spanish Directors.

Altai Efendiev

Former Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Spain and Andorra

“Mirian brought to Spain members of the high commission of architecture and urbanism of Azerbaijan to introduce them to the main Spanish architects and show them significant works of urbanism and modern architecture.

The visit and the content was really organized in a very professional way and the members of the Architecture Commission had the opportunity to take a good sample of large public and private works of modern Spanish architecture and urbanism, including the new facilities of Real Madrid from Valdebebas, the new Serrano car park; The infrastructure of the Isabel II canal or the burial of the Manzanares river.